Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment Inc., located in Los Angeles, is active in the production and distribution of Ultraman entertainment content for North America and other markets. Headed by Danny Simon, the new subsidiary established in 2023 will expand the Ultraman North America licensing program into the UK, EU, South America, India and MENA markets thereby solidifying the franchise’s place on the global stage.



We deliver the wide variety of visual storytelling from the Ultraman franchise through home video, streaming services, and theatrical releases.


We partner with licensees who resonate with our values, and by integrating our characters into your product design, we can help maximize your business.


We bring dream to kids and adults around the world through Ultraman events including live stage shows, meet & greet, exhibitions, and more.


Photo: Danny Simon, President

Danny Simon, President

Licensing industry veteran Danny Simon has been appointed president of the new Tsuburaya Fields Media and Pictures Entertainment company in Los Angeles.

In 1992, Simon created The Licensing Group Ltd to represent domestic and international IPs. Danny’s licensing career began long before that, though, in 1978, with the TV phenomenon Dallas.

Through the years his experience included the creation of the first licensing program for Lorimar Productions; establishing the in-house licensing division for Carolco Pictures; creating licensing programs for numerous TV shows and films as head of licensing at 20th Century Fox; producing and guiding the licensing programs for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Total Recall, and the Rambo series; and bringing the video game Mortal Kombat to Hollywood as Executive Producer of the blockbuster Mortal Kombat feature film.

Appointed as Tsuburaya Productions’ North America licensing agent in 2018, Simon’s company launched the Classic Ultraman licensing program, reintroducing Ultraman to the North America market. By targeting the Ultraman fan base that grew up with the show in the US from the 1960s to the 1990s, the licensing program enjoyed almost immediate success. He brought in Marvel to publish the Ultraman comics series, as well as dozens more licensees in multiple categories, and he is currently guiding the Ultraman: Rising feature film licensing program.

As Tsuburaya Productions has continued to grow the property beyond the 1966 live action Ultraman TV series, it saw fit to create a corporation in the heart of world media thereby positioning the property to expand into markets such as South America, EU, UK, India and MENA.